BEARS:  Lagos Killer Roads

Lagos Killer Roads
Bears thumbs down for Lagos Killer Roads

The traffic gridlock all over Lagos state especially as the rainfall increases is an irony of the popular Lagosians’ chants of ‘Eko o ni Baje‘. The roads have been rendered unmotorable and gridlock has taken over all the roads leaving commuters to resort to trekking as their last hope.

Last week, the experience was so terrible that one was tempted to resign from his job as it took almost all day to get to work and all night to get back home. Bear thumbs down this excruciating pain coming from the bad road across the state, after all  this is not the first year that rain will fall in Lagos and people will be stuck on the road; why has there not been anything done yet?

Funny enough, most of the roads affected are trunk ‘B’ roads which fall under the purview of the state government. If Lagos will not spoil as it is verbally yelled in Lagos, something significant and urgent must be done before things get out of hands. Bad road is not a sign of development but degradation.

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