BEARS: Flood – Who Can Rescue Nigeria?


BEAR: Flood - Who Can Rescue Nigeria?

27 states across the federation have witnessed the worst flooding cases so far. These states include Anambra, Lagos, Kogi, Benue, etc ,

Floods in Nigeria this year has led to loss of lives whilst damaging homes, properties and farmlands .

These floods signify that Nigeria is undergoing one of its crippling climate change effects caused by the usual rainfall, improper disposal of refuse; clogging gutters and water channels.

However, this year’s flood case was escalated by Nigeria’s failure to build a dam to contain waterflow released by the northern part of Cameroon. Cameroon, which runs along Nigeria’s eastern border, releases water annually from her Lagdo dam (1982) and then, the water should be absorbed by another dam in Nigeria.

However, for over 40 years, the Nigerian government has failed again to prioritize the security of its citizen’s lives and property by circumventing its agreement in 1980s to build the Dasin Hausa dam in Adamawa state to manage the waterflow.

This is successive governments’ leadership failure! We need a new government with concerns for security of lives! Do we have anybody with this mission?

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