Back To The Old Way?

Back To The Old Way?
Oil Tankers Packed On The Road

The government of Lagos state has again done another wonder as they cleared the road of the petroleum tankers that have constituted nightmare on the road since last year thereby rendering the road impassable.

The forty eight hours ultimatum given by the government was enough to send the trucks to wherever they belong but how long this reprieve will last is the multi-million dollars questions on every lip.

Recently, it was a topic of discussion that where was the government all the while that the trucks have been there causing people undue headache.

It was so much that vehicles had to resort to driving against traffic and this has also lead to many deaths of unsuspecting road users who wanted to cross the road.

The Nigerian Navy has come out to say that their officers and men deployed to clear the roads could only d this for a short period after when they will go back to their statutory assignments.

If the Naval officers go back, will it not be that the truck drivers will come back to their spots because that has always been the trend on the Apapa-Oshodi Expressway.

The best the government could do is to find a lasting solution to the menace and stop those using the traffic to benefit their pockets from doing so at the detriment of the larger society.

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