Apapa Gridlock Slows Economic Growth – Tank Farm Operators

Apapa Gridlock Slows Economic Growth – Tank Farm Operators
Trucks trapped on the Apapa gridlock

The gridlock experienced in major cities of the country especially in the Apapa area of Lagos has been attributed as one of the major contributors to the slow growth of the economy.

This was revealed to MMS Plus Weekly by some of the operators of tank farms in Lagos, last week.

One of them, Tony Nnorom Depot Engineer of Total Depot Ibafon said that the gridlock which is majorly caused by bad roads is a major challenge to the running of their businesses in the depot.

According to him, “As a company, we have a streamlined distribution network. We have a target to meet. The trucks service our customers and own station; when it is scheduled to get there by 7.0 O’ Clock for example, it gets here by 10.0 O’ clock, so you can see.

He stated that economic activities have been slowed down by the gridlock because people spend precious hours waiting for a truck and thereby lose money and business opportunities.

When asked about what has company’s contribution ameliorate the situation, he said “At one time a tank falls down almost on daily basis along cause’s gridlock, his company Total; two month ago provided twelve trips of hardcore to the affected areas as part of their social corporate responsibility.

He attributed the gridlock to population explosion in Lagos and said that for the fact that almost all big business headquarters are located in Lagos, there is the possibility of seeing the gridlock for a long time unless a good city plan is effectively put in place.

In a similar vein, he talked about the security situation in the country and advised that people around the tank farms should be security and safety conscious especially against explosion at Folawiwo.

Speaking also is a staff of Gulf Treasure who pleaded anonymity stated that challenges faced by the operators of the tank farms are mainly the gridlock and it affects the businesses in the area.

She advised that all relevant stakeholders should synergise to curb the menace.

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