2017 MMS Plus Woman of Fortune Hall of Fame

2017 MM Plus woman of fortune hall of fame nomination form

The MMS Plus Woman of Fortune Hall of Fame initiative induction is to celebrate the sterling qualities and achievements of noble women, who are expected to provide the opportunity to produce future leaders through match-making mentors and mentees, through the provision of mentoring support to younger generations by highlighting the virtues of hardwork, professionalism, perseverance and creativity



Nominations are now open for the 2017 induction of the Hall of Fame. Below are the procedures for nomination.




  • Who Can Be Nominated?

Nomination will be accepted for any eligible woman whose sterling qualities and contributions have had a profound positive impact on the Maritime/Shipping, Aviation, Finance, Logistics, Oil & Gas sectors, Political leadership and the country as a whole.


  • Eligibility Criteria
  • Character,
  • Leadership by impact
  • Outstanding accomplishments


  • How To Make Nomination
  • Nomination may be submitted by anyone


  • Nominations are made by completing a Hall of Fame nomination form below.


  • An induction candidate’s file will become active when the completed nomination form is received.


  • No limits to the number of times a nominee may be considered. All nominations shall be valid for 2 years and may be considered annually by the Nomination Committee along with new nominations.


  • Nomination does not imply induction into the MMS Plus Woman of Fortune Hall of Fame. Induction is determined on a yearly basis by a “selection committee”. If you know of a person who deserves to be nominated and is not on this list, please nominate her or you may submit additional nomination forms for the person previously nominated.


  • Merited nominees are chosen from a shortlist of nominated nominees after the close of an open and transparent nomination process.


  • Criteria for Induction

The MMS Plus Woman of Fortune Hall of Fame will honour individuals who have made a difference, people who have made success of themselves; people who are symbol of inspiration to be part and parcel of the Hall of Fame. The Hall of Fame will recognize and honour outstanding achievements of individuals who have contributed to the promotion and growth of the country in Maritime/Shipping, Finance, Aviation, Logistics, Oil & Gas and Political leadership sectors.


Nomination Form

Nominations can come from the following seven industry categories:

  1. Maritime
  2. Shipping
  3. Finance
  4. Aviation
  5. Logistics
  6. Oil & Gas
  7. Political Leadership






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