10 Temporary Businesses For the Christmas Season(1)

We are already in the month of December to usher in the Christmas holiday. Unlike other religious holidays observed in the world, Christmas is exceptional because it takes place at the end of the year and also leads into a New Year which is in everyone’s interest . Everyone is interested in resting, having fun, indulging in leisure activities and celebrating after working throughout the months of the year. Thus, it’s a holiday with its unique selling point in getting everyone involved . If you don’t believe in Christmas festivities; at least you would have some faith in the New Year celebrations or the extra public holidays attached to the Yuletide While everyone may be fixated on pleasurable moments and activities, perhaps you can think outside the box by venturing into some Christmas seasonal business to make extra income . The terrain of the recent harsh Nigerian economy demands that one must be alert to spot money making green lights and the Christmas season presents this opportunity.

Here are 5 temporal business ideas worth doing this Christmas season.

Retail Christmas Decorations

Would there be Christmas without the red and green coloured themed decorations? Imagine if Christmas happened this year with no Christmas trees, and lights in sight – that would be Christmas on strike !! Every Christmas affords anyone the avenue to sell Christmas decorations. Offices, homes, companies, shops, churches , schools etc are the markets for the decorations. Christmas cards, wrapping papers, art frames, hats etc are some items to stock up and sell .

Customize Christmas Gift Items

This doesn’t mean that one should go into embracing the Herculean task of running a gift company . In fact, already existing business owners can leverage the season and customize their products and services to suit the season . For example, if you are a boutique owner, invest in purchasing more red, black and white outfits because that is what people need. If you are an artist; draw and paint more Christmas themed art. As a nail technician, entice your customers with Christmas themed nail art. Investing time to knit red sweaters is a masterpiece at this point in time because parents not only need it to shield their kids from the harmattan cold but it sets them up in the Christmas mood . The idea is to package your business with a zest of Christmas.

Create Hampers

A hamper is a basket containing assorted food items for a picnic or special occasion and there is no better special occasion like the Christmas occasion . Prep a hamper made of provisions and even the Nigerian local foodstuffs such melon (egusi) seeds , bush mango (ogbono) , dried fish, stock fish ,mini gallon of palm oil, potash , locust bean , ground pepper , crayfish, etc. It could also be a hamper of cleaning supplies containing antiseptic liquids , scouring powders , disinfectants, scrubbing brushes , napkins and fragrances.

A bookstore can also take part in this innovation by creating a hamper of Christmas novels for kids and teenagers. Love books are also welcome; after all Christmas is a season of love.

 Become a Special Food vendor

The emphasis on this business idea is the word – ‘special’ because that’s what would alleviate the food business in this crucial time. People would loathe to eat the same white rice with bland stew on special occasions like Christmas; thus, lure a range of customers with some special meals. One can decide to offer party jollof rice exclusively to interested clients, another can strategize by offering the unique moi moi prepared in green banana leaves or a local delicacy. Amala and ewedu, ikokore, okpa, akidi and yam, ofe nsala, afang soup , masa , danwake etc or examples of some Nigerian tribal foods to revitalize your customers taste buds ridden with staple meals. Comfort foods , diets and intercontinental foods can be explored . Tell your colleagues at work that you sell Chinese fried rice or a keto meal plan for someone who wants to use the Christmas season and shed off pounds .

Revitalise your Makeup Artist Skill

If you are a makeup artist who abandoned the craft to meet up with the demands of your conventional job, it’s time to unpack your makeup box and make a list of some products to be replaced because Christmas is for glitz and glam for the women . This season would unveil more pre-wedding photos, anniversary pictures , birthday shots and family photoshoots in matching pyjamas . Christmas is a season of occasions and as a makeup artist one has to be ready to dust some faces with powder and gloss some lips as overbooking is likely to occur. Women honour Christmas events with painted faces.

To be continued ……

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