They Want To Create Industrial Disharmony in Our Agency- Comrade Adikwu

Following a recent report in a section of maritime media, alleging “irregular recruitment”, which was anchored on a personal vendetta, the Senior Staff Association of Nigerian Shippers’ Council (NSC) led by Comrade Muktar Adikwu, expressed disappointment over the publication and reiterated their support  to the management of the Council. He spoke with MMS Plus. Read on.

 We heard the Union visited the management over the media report?


We were very surprised that some faceless people came up and claimed that they are concerned staff. So we met the Chief Executive to tell him that as far as we are concerned  whoever  has written that is not a member of the Senior Staff Association. We strongly believe that due process are followed in the  organization. As a union president, I am aware of that. If we have any grievances at all, we will be the voice to speak for the staff and if there is anything that is negative to the welfare of the staff and the organizational objectives, the union will be very bold enough to voice it out. So for some faceless people to allege that(irregular recruitment of one person) and it is published in papers, it is saddening and embarrassing. I have taken time to investigate and discovered that all the things written or published are not true because the allegation of being a Confidential Secretary and moved to another position does not hold water. From records, we gathered that the person was duly interviewed like every other person was interviewed. And she was an English Language graduate and so this qualifies her to be in an officer cadre. And on this cadre you can develop to any level. Having found that there is no truth in the publication, we went to the Chief Executive to tell him that the workers are strongly behind the management and that we are not part of this rubbish. We believe it is the handiwork of some disgruntled persons trying to discredit the laudable achievements the organisation is making in the maritime industry. This organisation has been enjoying peaceful industrial relations. I had told the press earlier that the person of the Chief Executive is a union person. He is not the type that hides anything from us. We go to him on matters that concern staff and he opens the door for engagement. So far, we do not have any issue with the management. Talking about recruitment, I know that for a very long time because of embargo on employment, there have not been recruitment there. We are surprised that these faceless people are picking on person and generalizing it as recruitment. As a union, and the workforce of this organisation, we will resist any attempt by any group or persons to rubbish the council’s credibility or launch us into crisis.


Has the Union bothered investigating to know who was behind the write-up?

As a union, we had our executive meeting on Wednesday and we have put machinery in place to fish out whoever that is responsible for this, whether they are within our rank, above our rank or below our rank. We have given ourselves the task to find out where this kind of distraction is coming from.


Just in case this publication denies you the opportunity of having your salary increment, what will you do?

It will be very unfortunate. But it can’t because this is a baseless petition. It does not hold water. It is not genuine. If it were genuine, the person responsible for such publication should have put his or her a name or sign it. So, even if you go to court in respect of this petition, who are you going to stand with? Who is the petitioner? Every serious agency will not take such petition as a serious one. In the Council, we have a record of transparency. People from the Auditor General’s office have been here and the National Assembly members have here and they praised this organisation for our record and transparency. So, I don’t think that such a discredited petition can cause any confusion.



Senior Staff Association of Nigeria Shippers’ Council, is an affiliate of the Senior Staff Association of Communications, Transport and Corporations, and affiliate of the Trade Union Congress of Nigeria.


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