BULLS: Paw Paw Haastrup

BULLS: Paw Paw Haastrup
BULLS thumb up Vicky Haastrup

 Dr. Princess Vicky Haastrup may have the looks of a beautifully ripe paw paw, but she is equally beautifully endowed with brains and leadership qualities to match her looks.

The Executive Vice Chairman, ENL Consortium Ltd., Dr. Princess Vicky Haastrup took up the mantle of leadership at the Certified Institute of Shipping Nigeria (CISN) as the 1st female President of the institute. This is another remarkable achievement for women in the transport sector as they continue to carve a niche of excellence in the sector.

While we commend Haastrup on the new achievement, we admonish her to always stick to the good traits that has brought her this far.


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