Bears: Buharistic NISA


Bears: Buharistic NISA
Bears Thumbs Down Buharistic NISA

lingering crisis in the Nigerian Ship Owners Association(NISA) is taking tool on both factions. The Capt. Dada Labinjo led faction has been quiet and hardly even attends events these days, while the Aminu Umar faction is not finding things easy, especially with paucity of funds everywhere. Badly affected is the annual maritime expo called NIMAREX.  The last outing was a financial disaster, so much that it is grossly insolvent.  Even the hope of having the 2016 edition in September is not certain with the Secretariat almost closing up. Please, the heavy bills can wait like Aminu will always reason, small ones of less than N50,000 should be paid. Well, Tunji Brown will think otherwise. And this is beginning to draw his name to mud in some circle.  Please, help the helpless in this Buharistic  times.

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