Ex-Union Bank chief appointed AIG CEO

Ex-Union Bank chief appointed AIG CEO
AIG CEO, Chienye Ogwo

A former top executive of Union Bank of Nigeria Plc, Chienye Ogwo, has been appointed the Chief Executive Officer of Africa Initiative for Governance.

Ogwo  had led change  management  at  Union  Bank,  where  she  was  responsible  for  developing strategies  for  the  smooth  implementation  of  the  bank’s  transformation  initiatives,  and facilitating  buy-in  among  internal  and  external  stakeholders.

“After  a  rigorous  search  and  selection  process  by  the  Board  of  Directors,  we  are  pleased  to announce  Ogwo’s  appointment  and  to  welcome  her  on  board  the AIG,”  the AIG  Founder  and  Chairman, Mr.  Aigboje  AigImoukhuede, said in a statement on Thursday.

He added, “Ogwo  brings  a  valuable  blend  of  experience  to  the organisation  and  we  look  forward  to  working  with  her  as  we  forge  ahead  towards  the  attainment of  our  goals.”

In  June  2016,  AIG  signed  a  five-year  partnership  with  the  Blavatnik  School  of  Government at  the  University  of  Oxford.

Under  this  partnership,  the AIG  will,  starting  2017,  make  available  five scholarships  yearly  to  outstanding  Nigerians  and  Ghanaians  to  pursue  a Master  of  Public  Policy degree  at  the BSG,  University  of  Oxford.

Upon  graduation,  the AIG  scholars  will  be  expected  to  return  to their  home country and apply their learning experience  as  change  agents  in their  country’s  public sector.

The AIG  will  also,  every  year,  award  the  AIG  Fellowship,  to  be  undertaken  at  BSG  University  of Oxford,  to  one  outstanding  senior  public  service  official  in  Nigeria  or  Ghana.”

In  October  2016,  AIG announced  Professor  Attahiru  Jega,  former  Executive  Chairman  of  the Independent National  Electoral  Commission as  the  first  AIG Fellow  of  Practice.

Commenting on  her  appointment,  Ogwo  was quoted to have said, “These  are  exciting  times  for  Africa  Initiative for  Governance  and  I  am  very  delighted  to  join  the  organisation  in  this  role.

“AIG’s  mission  is  to work  with  governments,  academic  institutions  and  other  partners  to  transform  public  sector performance  and  I  am  excited  at  the  opportunity  that  we  have  to  work  together  to  revive  the virtues  of good  public  service  and  to  make  that  sector  attractive  to  the  brightest  minds.”

Ogwo  is  a  lawyer  and  trained  journalist  with  over  16 years’  combined  experience  in organisational  transformation and  stakeholder  management,  strategic  communication and  legal practice.

She  has  an  LL.B  from  the  University  of  Lagos,  a  B.L.  from  the  Nigerian  Law  School  and an  M.S. in  journalism  from  the  Columbia  University Graduate  School  of  Journalism.

The AIG  works  with  governments,  academic  institutions  and  other partners  to  improve  governance  and  transform  public  sector  performance.

The AIG’s  pioneering  initiative  brings  proven  private  sector  innovation,  leadership  and  funding  in  a private-public  partnership  to  attract,  inspire  and  support  future  leaders  of  Africa’s public  sector.

With  AIG’s  continuing  support,  these  high-calibre  individuals  will  be  able  to  drive  best  practice standards  of  governance  in  Africa,  ensuring  sustainable  economic  growth and  social  justice.

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