Characteristics Of Ferries

Characteristics Of FerriesFerries are types of boats which are very commonly found in areas where the main modem of transportation happens through water. In such areas, ferries are used not just to transport passengers from one shore to another but to carry cargo as well.

Ferries are native to Greece and over the centuries have made their presence known not just in Greece and Europe but also in Africa and wide across the world.

However, the term “ferry” is a very generic one. There are many different types of ferries that are in existence today. The name by which each ferry is known is unique and is named so because of its major characteristic or feature. Some of the main types of ferries can be listed as follows:

Catamarans are a famous ferry type. They generally are operated as passenger boats and are exceedingly popular wherever they are used. Speed is the major USP of a catamaran and for this reason alone a catamaran ride is favourite among people – young and old alike. One of the most famous catamaran services are operated in the UK by the shipping company Stena Line.

Channel Ferries:

In simple terms, channel ferries are ferries that cross the English Channel as their routine voyage. Channel ferries as a means of transportation were introduced in the early 19th century because of the difficulties posed to ships in the treacherous English Channel waters in both England as well as France. The Channel ferries were small and speedier thus making them a very trustworthy transportation vessel in the English Channel. In today’s times, there are many variants of Channel ferries that undertake journey not just between England and France but via the English Channel to other parts of Europe as well.

Car Ferries:

Car ferries are basically cargo ferries that help carry cars and other automobile vehicles. Car ferries have two different interpretations. In the United States, car ferries are used to ferry railway carts or cars. These railway cars are loaded into the ferry with the help of tracks that can be attached and detached at will. These attachable and detachable adjustments are also called as Roll-On/Roll-Off ramps. These ramps form the car ferry type in the United Kingdom.

Roll-On/Roll-Off Ferries:

These ferries are also known as Ro-Ro ferries. They are a very useful ferry type especially when it comes to cargo hauling in the form of other vehicles. This type of ferry is mainly used in the United Kingdom. There are also certain other ferries that use such Ro-Ro ramps for boarding of vehicles in addition to the ferrying of passengers. Such ferries are called as cruise ferries.

Double-Ended Ferries:

The front and the back portion of this type of ferry – known as the prow and the stern – can be alternated. In simple terms, it can be said that while making a journey to a particular port, the prow and the stern remain as the parts mentioned; while the ferry makes a return journey, the prow gets converted into the stern and vice verse.

There are various companies that offer ferry services. But there is no other like the Ferry Crossings. Ferry Crossings’ ferry services are widely known throughout Europe and they are exceedingly popular among people who are keenly interested in taking ferry tours and cruises.

In certain places in the world, ferries are a way of life. Without them, normal existence comes to a pause in these areas. In other areas, ferries provide excursion tours and services and thus become a major source of entertainment for the general public. With so many utilities provided, there is no doubt that a ferry is unique and the services provided are completely singular and unlike any other medium of transportation.

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