Chamber Of Shipping Reacts To MMS Plus Report

Chamber Of Shipping Reacts To MMS Plus Report
Chief Adebayo Sarumi, President of the Nigerian Chamber of Shipping (NCS)

The Nigerian Chamber of Shipping (NCS) has reacted to MMS Plus publication titled ‘Sarumi’s Chamber of Sleeping’ on the BEARS column of our publication. Our BEARS column is there to spotlight and thumb-down the wrongdoings and inefficiencies of a person or an organization in the maritime industry.
In its reaction, the Chamber noted that since March 2016 it has been undergoing major reshuffling in management and organization to meet the emerging challenges affecting present maritime and shipping enterprises.
“It is imperative to note that the Chamber which had been operating for over ten (10) years without any major overhaul was due for restructuring to meet with the demand and aspiration of its membership bearing in mind the major events, regulations and laws which have been established during this period.
“The President, Chief Adebayo Sarumi (OFR), whom his utmost concern is to further develop the Industry through the Chamber and the Governing Council decided to make some fundamental restructuring both in management and organization to meet the emerging challenges of present maritime and shipping enterprises. The antecedence of this veteran and a maritime Icon is good enough to justify my claim” the Chamber said.
The Chamber’s report also revealed that there had been some voluntary management staff movement in the Chamber since the restructuring began; therefore, there was a dire need to fill certain gaps in the Chamber.
The Chamber said the restructuring process was a six month daunting assignment which has given birth to a new Chamber of Shipping built on a solid foundation for sustainability.
“The entire maritime stakeholders and members of the Shipping Industry are hereby implored to disregard the insinuation that Our Chamber was sleeping. We never did, but were being prepared to protect our invaluable members’ interests and to further impact positively on the nation’s economy” the letter from the Chamber added.
We hope the Chamber understands that as an observant media outfit, MMS Plus noticed the effects of the ongoing restructuring which was a lacuna in the usually vibrant NCS and this was what we termed as ‘sleeping’.
However, MMS Plus has been adequately informed that the Chamber isn’t sleeping but restructuring, therefore we commend the Chamber on the process of reorganization as we believe that this should precede new achievements for NCS.

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