BEARS: Whose Got A Bigger Name?

BEARS: Whose Got A Bigger Name?
Bears Thumbs Down Agent Fight

 The discord between freight forwarders and Customs Licensed Agents always shows its ugly head every time parties representing both groups come together and last week at a meeting organized to discuss the headway on the collection of Practitioners Operating Fees (POF). Customs agents almost swallowed a representative from a freight forwarding academy who dared to say freight forwarding encompasses the shipments of goods across frontiers to the final point of destination.

The Customs Licensed agents should know that their activities are subsumed in the freight forwarding chain, whether those who claim to be freight forwarders in Nigeria deserve to bear that name remains a matter for a separate discuss.

There are more pressing issues affecting the profession, the industry as well as the nation and it has become disgusting to see reputable stakeholders get involved in a mindless chatter repeatedly over the nomenclature of ‘Freight Forwarder’ and ‘Customs Licensed Agents’

Abeg, shelve the fight!

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