BEARS: Security Alert

BEARS: Security Alert
Bears Thumbs Down Security Alert

It has become a popular opinion that the Nigerian Ports Authority(NPA) security at head office, Marina,Lagos, Nigeria  is doing an image damage to the new corporate focus of the new management. It is on record that they are quarrelsome and cantankerous, with the training, perhaps to always beat up or push visitors at will. They fought the younger brother to the former managing director of NPA, Alhaji  Sanusi Lamido Ado Bayero and pleaded it should be kept secret. They unleash their fangs always at journalists, not minding whether there is an identity   card  to admit one or not.

While it will be wrong to say that all of them lack the basic knowledge of their duty, NPA should either send them for training sessions or outsource the department to a corporate entity to manage their excesses. After all, it is more cost-effective and less damage to the corporate image of NPA.

In which security- minded outfit does a security man asks a visitor to call somebody within NPA with his or her number to confirm that an appointment had been fixed?  Can you imagine how successful a syndicate operation could turn out here? Yes, a mimicked voice can do a clean job here! This means, no security. Where are the security gadgets and communications equipment? Please, the GM Security needs to wake up! If you are copying Shell, Chevron, Mobile,others in the oil and gas sector, copy them well. The security man  or front desk makes the confirmation not the visitor.   What is the work of the SERVICOM unit? These security men are the face of NPA on visit. The impression formed on interacting with them first defines the image profile of NPA to a large extent. Educate them to change or they change NPA!!!

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