BEARS: Lar  Mohammed’s  Spirit  Festers

BEARS: Lar  Mohammed’s  Spirit  Festers
BEARS Thumbs Down Lar  Mohammed’s  Spirit  Festers

It still beats  the imagination of any reasonable mind why men who pride themselves to have integrity will always deny their action at the slightest confrontation. Everybody seems to loathe Mr. Lai  Mohammed, the Nigeria’s Minister of Information and Culture  over his penchant for lies  at the national level but  there are many  “Lie” Mohammeds around us in the maritime industry in particular. A guest recently appeared on our programme and shared his thoughts on his association’s politics. But no sooner he finished than he denied all he said when confronted by his colleagues. He is not the first. A ship owner  managed his hubris recently like this by blaming the medium for publishing what he had said. Surprisingly, the association man alleged that his enemies were using  MMS Plus against him for publishing what he carefully said. Na waoo!  He never even called to say “Don’t publish”.  Please, can anyone explain what  he wants to achieve?

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