Bears: Who is the Crook?

Bears: Who is the Crook?
Bears Thumbs Down Maritime Crook

It was a self-defeatist statement for the Minister of Finance, Mrs. Kemi Adeosun to say that the Nigerian Customs officials are  “crooks” and  irredeemably corrupt.

Nigerians were in a fix on whether that was a call for help, or an attempt to seek attention, once again because the Nigeria Customs Service(NCS), is an agency under her control.

Is she saying that she is not in control? The irony here is that the CGC, Hammed Ali, was brought there to tame their excesses, but is like corruption has consumed Ali!

That is what Adeosun insinuated! Meanwhile, as the she was on stage acting her lines with the House Members, the Senate Committee on Customs and Excise, led by Sen. Hope Uzodimma was in Lagos praising the exploits of the same customs men!  Who then is wrong, Minister and House Members or the Senators?  Haba!

Who are indeed, corrupt here?

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