BEARS: Boko Haram Cyclists

BEARS:  Boko Haram Cyclists
Boko Haram Cyclists

It is imminent that the harm done by the motor cycle riders since the Governor of Lagos State lifted ban on them has become more than an enigma in the society especially in Lagos; no wonder the Federal Government is considering wiping them off the surface of the nation roads.

Instead of these riders popularly called Okada in Lagos to go by doing their duties with diligence Mba! They choose to be reckless with nobody in particular after them except their senior brothers in black who pose threat to their pockets.

Last week, Bears saw where two riders due to careless riding ran into themselves thereby throwing off the nursing mother on one of the bikes resulting into injuries to the extent that she was almost making bare her natural endowments.

Bears thumb down this development, asking una wan kill us finish as BH dey kill for north?

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