Actors Called Legislators

Actors Called Legislators
Members of the Nigerian House of Representatives argue during a legislative session at the parliament chamber in Abuja

In the midst of the political heat and campaigns in the country, jitters are beginning to set into the hearts of stakeholders who can see where the country’s economic pendulum is swinging.

As the oil fortune is fast dwindling with no hope of redemption at least as it looks for now, the maritime industry which is supposed to step into the shoes of its big brother, the oil sector has no measure in place to bring it to that status from what meets the eyes.

The relationship between the government and the sector is best described with the analogy of the fraternity between the tongue and the nose.

The bills that would have helped to stabilise the sector is being trampled upon by the legislator whose pocket economies can only be faintly affected by the non-passage of the bills.

The present campaign will see the country into several litigation that will come up as a result of unsatisfactory aftermath of the election.

It is conspicuous that the 7th National Assembly is winding up yet, nothing significant could be achieved anymore with the time left even though the Speaker of the House of Representative, Hon. Aminu Tambuwal had promised that all pending bills would be done with before the expiration of their tenure.

The incoming National Assembly will statutorily have to start all over the process of passing the bills into law and this will constitute a whole lot of delay to the bills.

The ability of the maritime industry to yield the necessary returns into the coffers of the government depends largely on the attention of the government to the sector.

As it is today, the sector is only being scratched on the surface with the potentials not fully tapped into. The potential of the sector is so potent to fund the budget of the country only if the right thing is done.

Where will the industry be in the next one year with the level of despication it receives from the government?

If the government that is supposed to be the final arbiter is not showing a desirable interest, where else to turn?

It could be deduced that the National Assembly members are mere actors taking part in a paid movie of a producer who dictates how the role should be played forgetting that every actor will come back to his normal being after the movie.

Posterity is waiting to judge everyone according to your role in the movie of life. The more important your role, the better your pay.

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