Waiting For Nigeria Air, The 8th Wonder Of The World

Waiting For Nigeria Air, The 8th Wonder Of The World

Reacting to The Guardian online publication titled “Despite delays, ministry insists on July take-off date for Nigeria Air”, an American Len Hobbes wrote “A serious question for Hadi Sirika: today is July 28, 2022…there is no ‘Nigeria Air’ anywhere on the horizon…or hidden in a remote hanger…and you said that the airline company will be flying today”

The fraud associated with the Nigeria Air has certainly gone global. As usual the world continues to perceive the lies and corruption embedded in Nigeria policies and projects. Even while it was obvious that the Nigeria Air will not commence operation any time soon, the minister of aviation, senator Hadi Sirika told Nigerians to remain hopeful before the end of July. Hobbes further wrote, “WHY DID YOU LIE TO THE ENTIRE WORLD…BUT MORE IMPORTANTLY TO THE PEOPLE OF NIGERIA? YOU KNEW IT WAS LIE – BEFORE YOU SAID IT – BUT YOU DID IT ANYWAY!! You sir, are a pathetic, important, dishonest bureaucrat!!”

Since the launch of the airline in 2018 the date for it to eventually grace the sky has been shifted repeatedly and the reasons are all laughable. A project that was to be private driven has constantly seen the government at the driving seat. As it stands it is very difficult to expect serious investor especially foreign investors to consider Nigeria Air as a place to put their money.

Except for an outrageous Logo designed, unveiled in London and Air Transport License (ATL) obtained from the Nigerian Civil Aviation Authority (NCAA), the Nigeria Air cannot boast of any other significant feat for the N14.65 billion that has been appropriated for it between 2019 and 2022.

When the almighty Logo was unveiled, Feyi; a Nigerian based in Uk with twitter handle @DoubleEph tweeted “No private investors named but the government that will supposedly own a tiny percentage is leading negotiations for aircraft purchase and drawing logo in Calibri font. Carry on”. Till date no single investor has been named and nothing has been achieved so far. With all the irregularities that has marred the Nigeria Air, there is no need expecting any investor and government has certainly shot itself on the foot with lies that flows effortlessly from the lips of the minister. Earlier this month, Len had written “Nigeria Air… is already a colossal failure… both financially and operationally. The company will carry more debt into the sky than passengers. The company is not sustainable; it will NEVER be profitable and will be the most costly government owned airline company FAILURE in the history of Nigeria”. Unfortunately, this is what Nigeria Air means to many Nigerians particularly investors who defined the reasons why no one wants to embrace the project. The Nigeria Air project has been discussed for too long, the Buhari- led government and the minister of Aviation should do Nigerians the honour of backing out from this fruitless journey to without delay discontinue the squandering of tax payers money into a project that was designed to enrich the proponents.

Similarly, in the usual way of camouflaging and deceiving Nigerians, the government recently gave an approval to Nigeria Air to lease aircraft to start operations.  Realizing that July will soon fade away and all claims and assurances made were going to be rendered invalid, Senator Sirika has once more disclosed to Nigerians that the Federal Executive Council has approved at least three national carriers to enable them begin operation. This is not far from government’s incessant lies and a diversionary tactics to begin to demand accountability for the huge fund expanded so far in the Nigeria Air.

While disclosing the latest trick, nothing was said about the next unrealistic date for which the Nigeria Air will become operational. Perhaps, it has dawned on government that this year is gone already and that this administration is on the verge of leaving office.

However, Hadi Sirika can still perform magic that will see Nigeria Air hit the sky by July 31st as he promised. The world is waiting and watching for the “eight Wonder of the World”.

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