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Spain, Nigeria Trade Hits 6.2bn Euros

Spain, Nigeria Trade Hits 6.2bn EurosThe Spanish Ambassador to Nigeria, Mr. Alfonso Barnuevo Sebastian de Erice, last week, disclosed that the volume of trade between his country and Nigeria, which is mainly in oil and gas, is now 6.2 billion Euros.

In terms of trade transactions, he said Spain is second largest client to Nigeria, adding, “In in terms of trade volume, Spain is a very important trade partner to Nigeria; we are the second best client to Nigeria. The volume of trade is Euros 6.2 billion. “

The Ambassador spoke at the sideline during a courtesy visit to the Minister of Science Technology, Dr. Ogbonnaya Onu, in Abuja. He said there is need to further open the economic frontiers between the two countries, adding that Nigeria is a great country in the world with great potentials and human resource capability.

He said: “We have done quite a lot mainly in gas and oil. And we are open to working other sectors in Nigeria because your country is a powerful country with a lot of potentials, very vibrant and hardworking people and we are ready to work with them to diversify our trade relations which focus mainly in oil and gas.”

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