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Sambo Dasuki Saga

Sambo Dasuki Saga

Sambo Mohammed Dasuki

The sensation trailing the arrest of Sambo Mohammed Dasuki, a former National Security Adviser (NSA) to the former President of Nigeria, Dr. Ebele Goodluck Jonathan and the subsequent search of his three houses in Abuja has rustled some unexpected feathers.

While a group, known as Conscience Nigeria condemned the attacks on the retired Colonel of the Nigerian Army and his colleague the Chief Security Officer to the former President, Gordon Obua, by Department of State Services DSS and terms it as ‘witch hunt’ others see it as the case of the proverbial reaping what you sow.

There were allegations of money budgeted for security being diverted by the NSA resulting to his sack, arrest and a search of his home where seven high caliber rifles, several magazines and military related gears, including $40 thousand dollars were recovered. And so on and so forth.

The group crying foul should look again, if Sambo feels slighted by the cards dealt him by General Mohammadu Buhari, perhaps by now he should be in court against the Federal Government for deformation of his character and provide all necessary evidences to exonerate him, but so far he has played it down.

There were reports that the NSA actually recommended to GEJ on maritime security issues and approved some of the frivolous and uncoordinated spending of the former DG, Nigeria Maritime Administration and Safety Agency (NIMASA), Mr. Patrick Akpobolokemi.

It is sad that we as Nigerians in this stage of our development still allow sentiments to sometimes cloud our judgement, in truth no body is above the law and the courts is a place to seek redress by all aggrieved parties with the exception of none, but he that comes to equity should come with clean hands.

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