NUPENG Wants Probe Into Lagos Chopper Crash

NUPENG Wants Probe Into Lagos Chopper CrashThe Nigerian Union of Petroleum and Natural Gas Workers (NUPENG), has called on the government, to commence full  investigation of the Bristow helicopter air crash that killed four oil workers and two pilots.

The Union’s President, Comrade (DR.) Igwe Achese spoke with the media at the weekend, calling on the Accident Investigation Bureau (AIB) to make necessary moves to avert such future occurrence. According to Achese, “it is one crash, too many”, as the Bristow Helicopters Company, had recorded three air crashes in eight years.

“NUPENG is worried and concerned about these crashes by Bristow Helicopters which is a major carrier of oil workers and personnel from oil platforms on the high seas to the hinterland,” he said.

The Union called on AIB to commence full scale investigations since the black box was already found, and make its findings known.  It warns that the AIB findings should not be locked up in its drawers, like other air crashes probes.

The body also enjoined Choppers and other forms of water transportation companies responsible for workers’ transportation in offshore locations, to make sure their means of transportation are always in good order.

“It is sad to note that the cause of the last Dana air crash that killed about 200 air passengers report is yet to see the light of the day, three years after.

NUPENG re-iterates its commitment to safety of oil workers at work in the platforms and in the medium of transportation to and fro the oil rigs.

We state that Choppers and other forms of water transportation of oil workers to the rigs in offshore locations, must be in good order to stop the untimely death of hardworking and innocent workers who toil day and night to produce the hydro-carbon that is the mainstay of our nation’s economy.”

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