NAGAFF Challenges Women For Leadership, Set For Chapter Elections

By Frank Odinukaeze
NAGAFF Challenges Women For Leadership,Set For Chapter Elections
From left: Mr. Chukwunonso Ejikeme; Mr. Simeon Nwosu, Deputy National President of NAGAFF and Barr. Rotimi, member of NECOM at the briefing on Thursday.


The Chairman of NAGAFF Electoral Commission (NECOM)Engr.Chukwunonso Ejikeme, has challenged women to come out to contest for chairmanship positions in the forth coming chapter elections.

Engr. Ejikeme,stated this today at a press conference held in Apapa, bLagos where the ban on election was lifted.

He said the zones where election would-be conducted are Apapa,TINCAN,PTLM,KLT and MMA.

Engr.Ejikeme who rolled out the guidelines and time-table for the election which comes up in two months time said with the lifting of the ban sales of forms begins on the 3rd of June,2022,and closes on the 23rd of same month.

He said the election is open to all registered members of NAGAFF,but gave conditions for either voting or being voted for.

According to the guidelines,a registered member of a chapter has the right to vote and be voted for.

“A member with requisite qualifications in freight forwarding practice or who is currently undergoing course in Maritime related studies or an alumnus of NAGAFF Academy or any affiliated maritime institutions,professional certificate on freight forwarding are eligible to contest”,

He said staff of freight forwarding companies and licenced customs companies shall register individually with NAGAFF and CRFFN to qualify to be either a contestant or a voter.

“Contestant for any position in the Chapter Executive must show that he or she has been a bonafide member of NAGAFF for a period of not less than two months preceding the date of election, and incumbent Chairman, and their executives, wishing to contest must show that payment of NAGAFF Chapter dues are up to date,subject to the prerogatives of power of the Founder,Board Chairman and the National President to waive the requirement,but the said waiver shall be in writing”, he said

He said voters are required to pay their registration and annual subscription fees for accreditation purposes.

According to the chairman,the guidelines further stated that old members are to pay annual subscription of(#2500),from 2021and 2022,two years NAGAFF annual subscription amounting to #5000.

Also ,old members are required to have four years updated annual subscription from 2019-2022 CRFFN dues to be able to vote and be voted for.

The guideline further stipulate that new members are to register with NAGAFF,with a registration fee of #5000 and annual subscription of#2500 making a total of #7500. Furthermore, the guideline stated that registration with CRFFN and annual subscription of 2022 is mandatory for new members to be eligible to vote.

The NECOM chairman said in order to facilitate the process,” Registration should be done at chapter levels in one register,as the NECOM will call for the registers from all chapters for purposes of screening and a ccreditation.”

Speaking to MMSPLUS Engr.Ejikeme assured that the election process would be fair and credible and everyone would be given equal opportunity in the election.

On why the election is limited to only Western Zone,the NECOM chairman said the other zones executive tenure have not expired and when they expire they would have their own elections.He said the same applies to Ikorodu Chapter who are also not participating in the forth coming chapter election .

Asked why there are few or no women in the executive,the NECOM chairman said women should make themselves available.

“I challenge the women to come and contest even the chairmanship position,”he said stressing that he would be happy seeing women contest the position with him.

” I will be happy to see women take 3 chapters in this election”he added.

Engr.Ejileme advised that a level playing field should be created at all chapters of NAGAFF Headquarters and zonal offices by the Executive to enable any candidate to call all members to sell his or her programs to the electorate in the chapters at any time.

He warned that “Any act of intimidation , obstruction and harassment by any member of NAGAFF,should be reported to the gymNAGAFF authorities ”

The NAGAFF election process begins with the sales of nomination forms on June 3, and ends Monday July 4,2022

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