I STARTED DREAMING ABOUT HIMI STARTED DREAMING ABOUT HIMI’ve heard it been said that when you dream of someone they dream of you too. Is this true?

My Ex and I broke up over 12 years ago. My now husband and I started dating, and I didn’t think one thing about him after awhile, because my husband helped me forget.

Then 4 years and 3 kids after marriage, I started dreaming about him. I had a dream that we saw each other, and started talking it made his fiance mad, and the dream changed and we are like 40-50 years old, and we meet up again, and this time we get back together.

Then about a week later I saw him and his wife at the store, I didn’t talk to him though. She did give me the stink eye like I did something wrong to her, and all I did was stand there. After that I thought a lot about him, then I had another dream, and about a week or so later I saw him again. Then it kinda stopped for awhile, and then I had another dream, and my best friend called and told me that he was working at a restaurant that she goes to often. She talked to him and found out that he is divorced, has 3 little girls, oh and he remembers me.

One day I was going to meet up with my in-laws for some shopping, and I drove out of my neighborhood onto the regular road, and there was a truck sitting in the block entrance away from my entrance, so I was looking at it, just blankly. Then I thought wait a min is that him? No couldn’t be why would he be over here. I waited at the green light just to see if it was him, and YES IT WAS! His mom lives about a block maybe 2 from my house, so I guess he is living there for the time being. The issue with this is now I know what he drives, lives, works, I know his life all over again.

Why is this happening to me? It’s like God is dangling him in front of me, saying you know you want him, oh wait your married you can’t have him. Unless its food I don’t give into temptation that easy, he works a mile away from me, so if I wanted to go see him I could, but I don’t because I am happily married, though I think about my ex 24/7. I think I just need closure but I don’t know for sure. So can anyone answer my question, if I’m dreaming or thinking of him, do you think he is doing the same?

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