FMC Technology Renews Commitment To Oil, Gas development

FMC Technology Renews Commitment To Oil, Gas development
FMC Technology Workers

FMC Technologies has renewed commitment to the development of its people and facilities in Africa’s oil and gas sector

To fulfill its promise to human capacity building, sixteen FMC Technologies employees from across Africa recently participated in a weeklong leadership program, in Ghana.

The Management essentials course, according to the company, was designed by FMC Technologies University’s

Talent Development group, was customized to fit the diverse population as well as the logistical requirements for the region. The University, launched in 2012, gives employees the opportunity to advance their skills.

According to FMC, management essentials included modules on Transition to Leader; Cultural Diversity; HR Fundamentals and Crucial Conversation. Participants were from a variety of professional backgrounds, job responsibilities and cultural backgrounds.

Speaking about the training, Surface Operation Supervisor from Port Harcourt, Nigeria, Ajikere Abuchi, said: “The training was the best I have ever had in my career and touched on every aspect of what I need to carry out my leadership responsibilities. He continued, “In my 14 years of working with FMC Technologies, I have found that the company has a great regard for staff training and development. It gives staff the flexibility to acquire knowledge from other departments and encourages employees on their career paths, and that contributes to a conducive working culture and environment.”

The course was a great success, and a positive step toward strengthening the nationalization of FMC Technologies’ workforce. The focus on collaboration between diverse cultures during the training resulted in building strong relationships and networks. Equally importantly, the company is building momentum in the nurturing of strong leaders from countries such as Angola, Egypt, Ghana and Nigeria.

The company continues to focus on developing people and skills across the continent, with future programs on mentor/coaching; collaboration with educational institutions in the region; career development (job rotation/changing assignments); project management training; and additional leadership programs.

FMC Technologies’ core values of valuing people and collaboration are fundamental and are central to the company’s long-term strategy in the Africa Region.

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