Fake Customs Auctions Overrun Social Media

Fake Customs auctions overrun social mediaThe Nigeria Customs Service (NCS) has urged Nigerians to be wary of fraudsters who are out to defraud gullible persons through fake auctions on social media.

The Public Relations Officer, Deputy Controller Joseph Attah, alleged that the proliferation of fake social media accounts in the name of senior Customs officers was purportedly auctioning assorted seized goods and in some cases conducting recruitment exercises into the service.

He said the miscreants are now advancing their nefarious activities with false testimonies by supposed beneficiaries of these auction sales thanking the Customs Public Relations Officer, DC, Joseph Attah and other senior Customs Officers for their “facilitation”.

“The Service wishes to categorically state that the fake information circulating in the social media did not emanate from the NCS as social media has never been a platform used for serious things like auction, recruitment or award of contracts in the Service.

“Members of the public are therefore advised to disregard the purported testimonies via pseudo-social media accounts.

For the avoidance of doubt, NCS e-auction official link is app1.trade.gov.ng/auction,” he stated.

Attah, therefore, advised members of the public to be wary of the impostors who are out to defraud gullible Nigerians as efforts and resources are being fully mobilised to track and arrest them to face the wrath of the law.

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