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FAAN Outlines Measures To Prevent Coronavirus At Airports

FAAN Outlines Measures To Prevent Coronavirus At Airports
The Federal Airport Authority of Nigeria has drafted out measures to checkmate any infiltration of passengers who may be carrying the deadly CoronaVirus which broke out in China continues to wreak havoc in Asia.
Regional Manager, South West, FAAN, Mrs. Victoria Shin Aba who gave a breakdown of activities meant to control the corona Virus if detected said that at the Port of Entry (MMIA) primary screening is ongoing.
According to her, the airport authority along with health personnel are monitoring the temperature of all arriving passengers as well as carrying out enhanced visual observation for obvious signs of communicable disease.
She stated that passenger with any of the following: Fever – Temperature above or equal to 38 degrees Celsius, jaundice, skin rash, persistent diarrhea, persistent cough or difficulty in breathing, complains of headache, neck stiffness; decreased consciousness, lethargy, unexplained bleeding, as well as persistent vomiting are referred to secondary screening
Passengers who are referred to secondary screening, where the secondary screening form is used and if there is an obvious public health threat, the passenger is transferred to the designated hospital (Lagos State Mainland Hospital) following appropriate protocols (SOP) for further evaluation.
Explaining further, Nigeria Civil Aviation Authority’s Dr.  Wilfred Haggai stated that the areas for enhanced surveillance are at the Point of Entry, on board the aircraft, at the Passenger Handling Service on the arrival queue, within the terminal building and within 400m radius of the POE.
Another area for surveillance is outside the POE, as at the state and LGA Level, health facilities must be informed to always take travel history of patients and the state must do a lot of work with the health facilities.
Mrs. Shin-Aba said that passengers who are exposed may be in the incubation period (disease causing organism present in the body with no obvious symptom or sign) when they enter the country.

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