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DU&T Organises 2016 Maiden Annual Logistics, Transport, Port Management Conference

DU&T Consulting, a reputable consulting company, is organising the 2016 maiden annual edition of logistics, transport and port management conference scheduled to hold on 25– 26 February with the theme:‘Improving Transportations, Logistics and Port Service Delivery and Effectiveness in West Africa’, in Lagos.

The event will have in  attendance a broad range of manufacturing, logistics, port operators, Haulage, Shipping Security Operatives, Airliners, Shippers, Freight Forwarders, regulatory agencies- Customs, NPA, FAAN, NCAA, NAMA, Health, Ministry of Aviation, Ministry of Work, Ministry of Transportation, Ministry of Water Resources, Insurance Agencies, Security Operatives and members of Association of Port Operators, Insurance Brokers etc .

The Managing Partner of DU&T Consulting, Mr. John Aderibigbe stated that the conference will afford participants the opportunity to understand the major aspects of transportation and logistics in the context of the current business environment and the issues involved in the transport of cargo internationally.

According to Aderibigbe, “Three major entrances into the Nigerian Economy: Road, Airport and Sea Port have peculiar challenges relating to Government regulations, activities of regulatory agencies and poor utility maintenance. Cargo movements from the ports of entry to the point of destination also face the trio challenges of regulations, regulators and poor maintenance of utilities.

These three challenges have limited the abilities of the stakeholders in achieving the potentials of their processes, systems and profitability by falling victims of the 4 forms of waste- delay (waiting time), transportation (traffic and bad roads), inventory (delay in movement of good out of the port) and defects (regular spending on continuous repairs of vehicle). It is for this purpose that we chose this theme for the 2016 Annual Conference.” He said

He reiterated that participants will gain familiarity with the concept of logistics outsourcing, understand which logistics functions are more successfully outsourced and what factors must be considered before undertaking an outsourcing relationship.

He said, “Attendees will also have an awareness of the legal, documentary and mechanical aspects of international trade from the perspective of doing business from Nigeria and the management of a warehouse. These include site selection, warehouse layout, safety and security measures, cost drivers, shipping and receiving, packaging, inventory management principles, and just-in-time fulfillment.

“Acquire a general understanding of the major technology issues facing the logistician. These include such topics as PC’s, computer languages, the Internet, networks, Electronic Data Interchange (EDI), AutoID technologies, Radio Frequency Identification (RFID), Transportation Management Systems (TMS), Warehouse Management Systems (WMS), and international trade software.” He added.

Participants will be drawn from; Managing Directors/CEOs of Operations in Logistics, Transport Managers of Ports Management Companies, Logistics Companies, Transport Management Companies, Insurance Companies, Security Companies, ICT Companies, Government Agencies in Air and Sea Ports Operations and Management.

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