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Discos reject 8,848MW of electricity in one week

Discos reject 8,848MW of electricity in one week

Managing Director, Transmission Company of Nigeria, Dr. Atiku Abubakar

Power distribution companies in the country left a total of 8,848.24 megawatts of electricity unused in one week, latest data from the Transmission Company of Nigeria have shown.

The amount of power unutilised by the 11 Discos stood at 680.72MW on November 11; 676.09MW on November 12; 1,100.04MW on November 13; and 1,145.99MW on November 14.

The Discos did not distribute 1,622.9MW on November 15; 1,864.5MW on November 16 and 1,758.04MW on November 17, the TCN data showed.

Abuja, Benin, Eko and Enugu Discos failed to distribute 442.83MW; 1,028.17MW; 1,027.30MW and 1,102.51MW, respectively in the one-week period.

Ibadan, Ikeja, Jos and Kaduna Discos failed to distribute 966.5MW; 1,198.45MW; 529.59MW and 998.59MW respectively.

The amount of power unused by Kano, Port Harcourt and Yola Disco stood at 874.28MW; 532.53MW and 175.94MW, respectively.

Abuja Disco consumed more than the amount of power allocated to it on November 11 and 12, as it accepted 48.45MW and 28.45, respectively in excess of grid allocation.

Yola Disco also accepted excess load of 33.23MW and 1.43MW on November 11 and November 13, respectively.

Total power generation in the country dropped to 3,524.3MW as of 6am on Monday from 3,748MW on Sunday, data from the Nigerian Electricity System Operator also showed.

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