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BULLS: Usoro, Prophet & Egunje-honour

BULLS: Usoro, Prophet & Egunje-honour

Bulls Thumbs Up Usoro

The biblical assertion that a prophet is not honoured in his own country, may be applicable to Mrs. Mfon Usoro. Just recently in Cote D’ivoire, Ivory Coast, she was given a presidential honour for her contributions to the development of the maritime sector in the sub-region. Recall fast too that she had been given a national honour by the president of the Republic of Togo.

In Nigeria, she is recognized and respected sectorally, but when will the Nigerian government begin to recognize those who strive indeed to make the nation better; those who truly deserve this honour; not “cowry” individuals seeking honours to polish battered image? This explains the reason some dishonourable chalatants, reject “honours” just to strive better honours, that is, public applause by deriding the “national” honours. Yes, that credit is more honourable to them because the basis for Nigeria’s national honours is “egunje-power”. Congratulations Madam!

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