BULLS: The Reality In Lekki  Deep Seaport  

BULLS: The Reality In Lekki  Deep Seaport  
Lekki Seaport
The Maritime Industry and its stakeholders were thrown into ecstasy on Monday 31 October due to the Lekki Deep  Seaport  commissioning ceremony.
The construction of the seaport kicked off on June 15th 2020 and was completed on October 24th, 2022. However, cargo evacuation remains a challenge. This remains a sore thumb in the good story.  No rail connectivity. No road network. No barging option yet.
This is a short period to complete such a daunting project considering the manner in which projects are handled in the country.
This is a dream come true for the port community and this status quo should be emulated across all sectors in the country. Nigeria needs to hear good news like this on the hanging  rail projects, Nigeria Air,  New Airports, National Transport Policy,  Cabotage Vessel Finance Funds, etc.

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