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BULLS: Sustainable  Dr. Aminat

Sustainability as a strategy for sustainable living and business success is lacking in the maritime industry in concept and perspective.  A lot of wastages still exist, while the people and the environment suffer. This is captured in the United Nations’ SDGs. However, Nigerian Shippers’ Council (NSC) has proven to be a socially responsible agency that captures many aspirations of the SDGs, where others care-little. Dr. Ishola-Kareem Aminat of the medical unit of the Council is always leading a team of experts to maintain a free Health-check stand for Nigerians at every event of the agency and ministry of transportation. NSC is simply saying that ‘health is wealth’ which promotes the goal three(Good Health and Well-Being)of the UN sustainable  development goal. Dr. Aminat is happy doing this, always and can even give free health counseling anywhere with the cover of NSC.

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