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BULLS: Railway PRO

BULLS: Railway PRO

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Unlike her counterpart Mr. Yakubu Mahmoud at the Nigerian Railway Corporation headquarters (NRC), the District Public Relations Officer (DPRO), Mrs. Khadija Aroyewun-Adekomaiya is very intelligent and sound. A brilliant woman who convincingly knows her job, she answers her calls and respond to questions without picking any offence.

Mrs. Khadija also keeps to her words in every agreement. When she gives you an appointment she takes it serious and accepts faults when things don’t go as expected. Her interpersonal relationship with her subordinates in office attests to the above observations by MMS Plus. I am sure she is one of the few persons that still make the railway transport system functional in Nigeria. Public Relations indeed has a lot to do with an individual’s traits but you can work at it to be better.

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