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BULLS: Mr. Export Clocks 60

BULLS: Mr. Export Clocks 60

Bulls Thumbs up Mr. Export Clocks 60

On Saturday last week, there was plenty to cheer, dance and sing about as the Director-General of Multimix Academy turned 60 years old and celebrated in style. Dr. Obiora is also the Director-General of African Centre for Supply Chain (ACSC). He is a passionate teacher, writer, logistics analyst, yet he is also an embodiment of simplicity and humility. Little wonder notable dignitaries turned out in their numbers to celebrate him.
The ceremony was organized to celebrate an icon but the exemplary teacher wouldn’t relinquish an opportunity to make an impact as he used the platform to launch two of his most recent publications, Dynamics of Logistics Infrastructure on Nigeria’s Export Competitiveness and Meet Mr. Export (Author Biography).
Happy Birthday sir!!!
We wish you many triumphant years ahead

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