BULLS: Jime’s Executive Palm Sandals

BULLS: Jime's Executive Palm Sandals
Executive Secretary, Nigeria Shippers’ Council (NSC), Hon. Emmanuel Jime
If you want to find the most executive trendy palm sandals in the Nigerian maritime sector, you only have to become studious of the feet of the Executive Secretary of Nigerian Shippers’ Council (NSC), Hon. Emmanuel Jime.
His palm sandals are not only classy, they are also executive because the man who adorns them is a Chief Executive.
Some stakeholders have expressed reservations on Jime’s penchant for palm sandals but you can’t fault the quality and finesse with which he adorns them.
If you choose, you could decide to emulate Jime buy wearing palm sandals always; but we mayn’t praise you on this platform because yours wouldn’t be an ‘executive’ one.
Jime’s Palm Sandals are the best!

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