BEARS: Trader Ponmo

BEARS: Trader Ponmo
You may have heard about ‘Trader Moni’, the one distributed by Nigeria’s Vice President, Prof. Yemi Osinbajo at some markets few years ago; but I doubt if you have heard about ‘Trader Ponmo’.
The Trader Ponmo was served at the 2022 All Markets Conference in Lagos last week and it was indeed a trader’s Ponmo.
At the event, the delegates lamented that traders shouldn’t be neglected in policy formulation because they are the informal sector, arguing that as stakeholders responsible for over 60% of the nation’s economy they should even be the formal sector while the other sector becomes informal.
While they conducted their affairs with all sense of formality, when lunch was served the most nutritious part of the bowls of rice was thick, fat and strong ponmo customized for traders.
Don’t be confused, ponmo is cow skin and regarded as a favourite beef part enjoyed as a side dish, snack and condiment in south-western Nigeria.

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