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Bears: Naija Abnomalies

Bears: Naija Abnomalies

Bears Thumbs Down Naija Abnomalies

 *Na only for Nigeria you go see fish inside”MEAT PIE”..

*Na only for Nigeria we dey count money afterwe withdraw am from ATM because we noeven trust ATM machines.

*Na only for Nigeria PHCN dey say:-

Win a brand new GENERATORif you pay your NEPA bill…

*Na only for Naija people dey horn for traffic

light make e quick change from Red to Green…

*Na only for NigeriaPharmacy dey sell Coke, Recharge Card, Chinchin, Puff puff and beer,Wetin you no see for Naija, you no fit see amanywhere in d world…

*Trust me. Na only for naija you go find agraduate of mechanical engineering dey do himNYSC for Police station.

*Na only for naija you go see one person dey useBold5, X3, Ipad2 and Nokia N8 all at oncewhile his mother dey sale grandnutFor Junction.

*Na only for naija you go see a graduate of lawdey work as generator repairer.

*Na for only Naija, you go see mad man deycontrol traffic, people wey get sense they obey.

*Na for only Naija, you go see native doctor deyuse laptop connected with MTN modem.Maybe they are now consulting the spiritsonline..

*Na only for naija u go see a man selling a bookfrom street to streetthat says HOW TO MAKE MONEY WITHOUTSTRESS. I wonder why him no read d book. I salute una Nigerians….Naija no dey carry last..

Just laugh out that stress joor! And have a lovely weekend

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