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BEARS: Lagos T-Fare Hike

BEARS: Lagos T-Fare Hike

One would wonder if  transporters are humane with the recent hike in transportation cost in Lagos recently  despite crash in fuel prices.

Most of the commuters paying this hiked fees are victims of slashed salaries and other tough economic pangs following the COVID-19 pandemic.

Currently fares have been increased by more than 100% despite the buses carrying 60 percent capacity and lower cost of Premium Motor Spirit (PMS). In some cases, the previous transport fares for 100 naira has been hiked to 250 naira, further increased to 300 naira or 400 naira during the rush hour between 6pm and the 8pm curfew deadline.

This act of wickedness and must stop oooo.

No be Lagos passengers cause COVID-19!

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