BEARS: Empty Cannons      

Empty Cannons
Bears thumbs down for a customs officer on mufti who was driving against traffic.

It is disheartening how some people abuse their positions of authority because they think that people should always yield to their whims even when they are wrong.

Bears thumbs down an incident last week involving a customs officer on mufti who was stopped by Mobile Policemen for driving against traffic.
When he was accosted by the policemen, he identified himself and threatened to bring down hell if he was not allowed to go. As usual, this did not go down well with the policemen who refused to allow him pass. He left his car with the policemen, entered a bike to his command and picked some officers with weapons to the police station to fight them.
Of course no one is above the law, the customs officers were arrested.
Bear suggests that the arrested officers be prosecuted for brandishing arms at the slightest provocation even when they are at fault. People should learn not to abuse their positions.

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