BEARS: Bola Muse Goofs

BEARS: Bola Muse Goofs
Hajia Bola Muse

MMS Plus observed an unsportsmanlike conduct by the immediate-past President of WIMA-Nigeria, Hajia Bola Muse during the last elections which ushered in a new administration last week. Hajia Bola failed to show up for the elections to carry out the ceremonial handover function and receive the new executives at the polls despite the fact that she was in Lagos. She was spotted online participating in the polls, having sent in her handover documents without a reason for her absence.

As at presstime, Bola Muse was yet to congratulate her successor, a development that is quite strange because she is known for remarkable humility, professionalism and selflessness.

There are rumours that Bola was at loggerheads with some executives at WIMA-Nigeria towards the end of her administration, could this have informed Hajia Bola’s actions?

Irrespective of the issues, Bola Muse should have ignored the troubles and paid respect to the sanctity of the Association to show up and perform a proper hand-over.

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