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BEARS: Badagry Expressway Gridlock

BEARS: Badagry Expressway Gridlock

Bears Thumbs Down Badagry Expressway Gridlock

Although the Mile 2/Badagry expressway project is on-going, the pace and progress of the construction leaves cause for concern. Unquantifiable man hours are lost on that toad every single day, and it doesn’t appear as if the difficult traffic situation makes any difference to the company in charge, CCECC. The suffering experienced by commuters and pedestrians along the Volks/Iyana-Iba axis particularly, is horrific. Motorists can be in a sport for over an hour daily. To beat the traffic, some people living in that area have resorted to leaving their houses as early as 5am. If the construction company is short of fund, they know how to approach the Lagos State government. Please, CCECC, double up.

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