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BEARS: A Godot In Afolabi !

BEARS: A Godot In Afolabi !

BEARS thumbs A Godot In Afolabi !

When Chief Executive Officers hold events, courtesy demands that they are available to welcome their guests personally and also create time to attend to journalists. The latter part was where Dr. Taiwo Afolabi erred as a host at the 2nd edition of the Taiwo Afolabi Annual Maritime Conference on Friday last week as journalists waited endlessly to get a short interview with him as demanded by his PR handlers.

The journalists displayed a rare degree of patience for more than two hours until the waiting became as unfortunate as the play ‘Waiting for Godot’ where Vladmir and Estragon (two characters) waited endlessly for the arrival of Godot in Samuel Beckett’s first professional play. Like Godot never came Afolabi failed to show up. In this clime, the culture of apology only resides with the masses. The rich is always right!

Was Dr. Taiwo Afolabi too tired like a pregnant woman not to have spared few minutes to attend to journalists? Afolabi’s opening address was spot-on; and one begins to wonder why a man so intellectually endowed wouldn’t grant an interview to journalists willing to promote his event as requested by his men. The Friday was messed up for some journalists for keeping late.

At MMS Plus, we don’t want to believe that he couldn’t talk to the media as insinuated by some journalists. Please sir, prove this allusion wrong the next time you have the opportunity

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