APMT, Maersk Increase Port Efficiency With Fixed Berthing Window

APMT, Maersk Increase Port Efficiency With Fixed Berthing Window
AP Moller Terminal, Maersk Line and other shipping companies and terminals have enhanced operational efficiency at port terminals on the West Africa network with Fixed Berthing Windows (FBW).

FBW, regarded as one of the key high-impactful levers, was first launched mid-2021 at APM Terminals Apapa, then introduced at West Africa Container Terminal (WACT) in Onne, Meridian Port Services (MPS) in Tema and APM Terminals Nouakchott later in 2021/22.

Fixed Berthing Windows have been made possible due to a strong collaboration between teams, creative network solutions and focused execution.

The platform has enabled a reduction of deployed capacity by 15%, while slightly increasing carrying capacity thus allowing TEU saved capacity, improved productivity and reduction in vessel waiting time.

In these extraordinary times, capacity is priceless and asset turn improvement is critical for the success of the company strategy, APM Terminals said.

The company is continuously receiving positive feedback from customers.

Joe Sunxiuwu of Huawei said, “FBW is a big innovation and improvement. From that, the international leading time from China reduced more than one month. The time saving can drive project delivery completion as earlier as possible and bring lot of profits for Huawei customers, like MTN, Airtel etc.”

“Therefore, more and more shipments from Huawei and Huawei customers request Maersk service. We hope Maersk can bring more and more good solution service for Huawei to help Huawei customers save cost.“

Other customers, such as NINGBO EAS WELL and HISENSE on behalf of FOUANI, have agreed that there are noticeable service improvements.

Later this year other terminals on the company’s network are also getting on Fixed Berthing Windows – achieving even greater efficiencies and enhanced collaboration.

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