ANLCA inaugurate new leaders

ANLCA inaugurate new leaders

The Board of Trustees of the Association of Nigerian Licensed Customs Agents, on Wednesday, inaugurated an interim administration to steer the affairs of the association.

The board named Pius Ujubonu as the interim president of the association with immediate effect.

In his acceptance speech, the new interim President of ANLCA, Ujubonu, promised to reconcile all parties and create an enabling environment for fresh election.

“ANLCA constitution allows the board to take over when the tenure of an elected officers ends and they are not able to conduct an election immediately. So the board of trustee decided to appoint some people to work on their behalf. So we want to bring about reconciliation, peace we want to resolve all the quarrels that have been bedeviling ANLCA and create and enabling environment for fresh election”

Reacting to the development, the acting national President of ANLCA, Kayode Farinto, said that there are no parallel executives in the association.

He frowned at the taking over of the national secretariat of ANLCA while the national executives were on assignment to the Lekki Deep seaport.

He described the activities that took place at the national secretariat as the handworks of expelled members who refused to leave after being expelled by the National Executives Committee.

“What you are seeing in ANLCA is a political shenanigans by cantankerous old men who refused to leave, these are expelled members of our former board, they are no more members of ANLCA for now and unfortunately we were on national assignment when we learnt that they have encroached the national secretariat and forcefully taking over the secretariat breaking the padlocks and key.”

Farinto reassured members that the executives are going to take over the secretariat Thursday (Today).

According to him, “But there is nothing to worry about, the expelled members, they are not members of ANLCA and it is not me that expelled them it was NEC. A man of 75years parading himself as a member of the board, what’s he looking for, he has spent 12 years in the board as at the time his tenure expired, but tomorrow we are taking over our secretariat back”

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