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AIB records 85% implementation of air accident reports

He said, “If you issue a safety recommendation and it is not implemented, then the recommendation had not served its purpose.

“In truth, if recommendations are not implemented, airlines suffer and the public suffers but if they are implemented, they create a win-win situation and ensure there is confidence to fly.”

According to Olateru, in the next three months the AIB will be releasing final reports of accidents in the last 12 years.

He said, “We have the Vice President’s helicopter crash, Kabo, Chanchangi and some others. We have concluded investigation on the accidents.

“Some of these reports have gone to stakeholders for the 60-day review while others will be going for the stakeholders’ review.”

Olateru said the agency’s staff had been instrumental to its success, adding that they bore the burden of a huge responsibility in matters which were of national importance and often of the highest sensitivity to the parties concerned.

He said, “It is our responsibility to ensure that, as far as it is possible, we help to keep air transportation safe, and transporters accountable.

“It is our core mandate to investigate occurrences in relation to air transportation and to make an accurate determination in order to prevent their recurrence and to mitigate any undesirable after effects.

“We cannot and must not therefore rest on our laurels.   There is always work to be done and room for improvement and growth.

“It is essential for us to forge ahead with a greater sense of purpose, focus, and a clearer understanding of the role that we each play in this critical quest.”

He stated that in the drive for excellence, investment in personnel development and welfare as well as refinement of procedures and processes would continue to be of utmost importance.

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