Accusation Of Fraud Is Hand Work Of Detractors- Bolaji Sunmola

By Frank Odinukaeze
Accusation Of Fraud Is Hand Work Of Detractors- Bolaji Sunmola
Bolaji Sunmonla


The National President of the Nigerian Association of Stevedoring Companies (NASC), Bolaji Sunmonla, has debunked claims by an online publication accusing him and his executive of fraud.

According to the report titled:”N70m Fraud Rocks Sunmonla Led NASC”,the NASC president was alleged to have been collecting N250 from prospective applicants seeking to join the association.

Speaking with MMSPLUS, Sunmola said the allegations against him and his executive are false and unfounded.

He alleged his detractors are using the writer of the report to run him down.

According to the NASC president,”This person has called me several times, unfortunately I don’t pick number that I don’t know.After persistent calls for close to two hours,I said this person must be really deep in this.So I picked the call and the person at the other end said”My name is Friday,. I asked him what the problem was,and he responded that he had a petition against me.That I collected N250,000 each from prospective applicants of my association. I quickly debunked the claim. I asked how did you get your information?He said I should answer the question.And I said how can I answer when you are giving me falsehood? Where did N250,000 come from?From which membership?

He alleged that I have been collecting N250,000 from prospective applicants ,that NPA did a recent publication on Stevedoring companies”.

Continuing ,Sunmola said ” I asked him which publication? I told him that you don’t have facts,and I find it difficult to believe if you are not a false person.”

Sunmola said having punctured all the claims ,the reporter got angry and said, “Are you abusing me’? I told him I was not abusing him,but you don’t know your job.If you knew your job,you should have all your facts,

I told him that NPA has not done anything on Stevedoring in the last six years.And if my memory serves me right ,the last time I know was in 2017.”

Sunmola said he could not react to the question the reporter posed because they were not backed up with facts.He said however in order to clear his doubts ,he offered to meet him at any open place. ” I said okay sort your details,and, if you have question I will answer you.And if you want to meet me ,I can meet you even as late as it is now.It is about 8 pm .I’m still at Apapa, I can meet you in an open place.The guy started abusing me.I now told him that I have no business with him”Sunmola said

Stating further, the NASC president said he told him that he did a shoddy job.”He said ‘Are you querying me on my job?’ I said no! It’s just that you are shoddy.You don’t know your job .I told him people like him that have been long in the industry can not do a shoddy job like this.And he said I’m insulting his personality.And I said it is because you don’t know your job”.

Sunmola wondered how he could have collected that kind of money from members of an association whose membership is below 50. “If anybody wants to use him against me he should have used his head.” he said.

He challenged anyone who has proof of payment of money into his account to come forward with receipt of payment.

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