2023 Election: Kwankwaso To Unite Nigeria…Dr Aniegbonam

2023 Election: Kwankwaso To Unite Nigeria…Dr Aniegbonam
  • Ordained By God…Prophet Maurice Iwu

The unity of Nigeria depends fundamentally on the emergence of Engr. Rabiu Musa Kwankwaso as the next president federal republic of Nigeria in the forthcoming general election.

This was made known to the press by the chairman board of trustee (BOT) of New Nigerian Peoples Party (NNPP) Dr Boniface Aniebonam in a press conference organized by National Association of Government Approved Freight Forwarders (NAGAFF) at its head office in Lagos earlier today as part of the association’s continuous effort to spread what it said was the gospel of a new Nigeria. While speaking on the overview of the state of affairs of the country, Dr Aniebonam highlighted disunity as one of the foremost impediment confronting the Nigeria project and her slow pace of development. According to him, the various regional agitations and the subsequent kidnapping, banditry and terrorism that followed was as a result of misunderstanding from the diverse ethnic nationalities and injustice as perceived by these regional agitators.

The NAGAFF founder assured Nigerians that the mandate of the former minister of Defence Dr. Kwankwaso would be centered on unifying the various ethnic nationalities and set the nation on the path of production as against consumption that has hindered the trajectory of Nigeria’s movement. “Kwankwaso when elected, will bring the diverse ethnic group of Nigerians together for a round table discussion and proffer solutions that will be widely accepted by all so that the country will move on” he said.

Similarly, Prophet Maurice Iwu has told Nigerians that senator kwankwaso was God’s anointed servant to rescue Nigeria from the pit-hole she has been sank by those he considered to be corrupt and enemies of the country.

 Prophet Maurice Iwu now Iwu Jideogu Ogbu who had to change his name after he was maltreated and manhandled by the Nigeria Police for false-fully accused to be impersonating the former INEC boss Maurice Iwu, said he received a revelation from God in 2002, that senator Kwankwaso like Moses of the Bible has been chosen to liberate Nigerians. Prophet Ogbu also the national president Christian and Moslem Initiative for Peace Advocacy said that he received the revelation as a mission to spread the gospel across the length and breadth of Nigeria of the divine mandate of Kwankwaso. In the cause of this obligation according to the prophet, he has made several efforts which included visiting Kano to meet with the senator all to no avail until he met with Dr Aniebonam also the founder of NNPP who has since given meaning to that revelation.

Also, Dr Aniebonam called for the massive registration of voters card by Nigerians particularly the youth and vote Engr. Rabiu Musa Kwankwaso whom he reiterated has had the experience of all arms of government been a former governor, senator and an ambassador. And that he should be appreciated for the bold step he took to forgone the two major political party which he was a chieftain to test his popularity with NNPP.

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