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SCMA Nigeria Institutes Annual Lectures/ Luncheons

SCMA Nigeria Institutes Annual Lectures/ Luncheons

Standing Conference of Mediation Advocates (SCMA) Nigeria during its third induction ceremony recently.

Standing Conference of Mediation Advocates (SCMA) Nigeria has established an Annual Lecture and Luncheon Program Series with the intention of providing a Continuing Professional Development (CPD) event and a get together to promote and sustain the professional fraternity.

According to a newsletter from SCMA Nigeria, the attendance of these yearly conferences will be open to members of the public and other Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR) practitioners who may derive benefits from the topic of lecture.

On 22nd September SCMA Nigeria had its third induction ceremony under the Chairmanship of Hon. Justice Atinuke Oluyemi of the High Court of Lagos.

News of the event featured in Nigeria’s Federal Radio Corporation broadcasts and in print/online publications. See online: ”Judge Advocates Mediation as SAN Requirement”

SCMA Nigeria continues its mentoring and professional development programme at the Lagos Citizens Mediation Centre. The LSCMC has officially endorsed SCMA training and has requested that the SCMA logo is carried on its certificates of proficiency.

SCMA Nigeria is engaged in discussions with the Lagos Arbitration Centre to create a mutually beneficial training and development programme.

All enquiries in respect of SCMA Nigeria can be sent to the Associate Convenor, Adv.Valentino Buoro.

Meanwhile, the international body holds UK’s annual Mediation Awareness Week 14-20 October 2017, and it encourages all those connected with the mediation community as well as potential users to attend the many events.

SCMA also congratulated its former administrator and webmaster, Richard Jackson, after his departure; commending him for his hard work and passion for excellence. “We have only recently found a replacement webmaster, and are also pleased to report that over the next few months we will be supported by ADR Group with whom we shall be conducting a series of joint activities” the group said.

This year SCMA continued the transition which is intended to reposition it from being a subscriber-based member organization to a free to use registration-based standards organization supported by specialist training.

According to the group, “This led to a current edition of the SCMA Standards, to register individual or corporate use, and to receive the SCMA Registered User Logo. This will not affect members of our Nigeria chapter, which will retain a formal membership structure, news of which is contained below, nor those who are currently interested in forming SCMA chapters in other jurisdictions.”

“We are finalising work with the International Mediation Institute to develop the SCMA Qualifying Accreditation Programme for mediators and mediation advocates.

We have continued to work with the Thai Arbitration Centre, Bangkok, this year, and also commenced planning future projects with CADR in Turkey, SOLVO in Poland and Mediation Works in South Africa. Our trainer colleagues are encouraged to assist AMATI with its affiliate programme and to support its work.” it added.


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