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BULLS: Those 1,100 Rifles

BULLS: Those 1,100 Rifles

BULLS Thumbs Up Patriotic Officers Of The Nigeria Customs Service

Some patriotic officers of the Nigeria Customs Service (NCS) have again saved the nation from what could have contributed to a turbulent national security threat as they intercepted the container bearing 1,100 pieces of rifles. Imagine the number of lives and property that will be lost daily if that quantity of arms had found its way into the supply chain. Illegitimate arms are imported by the wrong persons, used by the wrong people and for wrong purposes. No nation experiences peace amidst incessant illegal arms proliferation. We commend the Customs Intelligence Unit of NCS. It is incontrovertible that the bandits would have offered several forms of inducements to have their way. If all our security officers were like these disciplined NCS officers, our nation would be safe.


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