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BEARS: Watch Out! Falling Trucks!

BEARS: Watch Out! Falling Trucks!

BEARS thumbs Down Falling Trucks!

Tin-Can and Apapa Ports host two of the nation’s premier seaports, which generates billions for the nation yet the roads have become characterized by potholes, gridlocks and frequent accidents. The rainy season has led to trucks fallen in scores daily especially between the West Minister and Tin-Can axis of the Oshodi- Apapa road. Our correspondent counted over 12 trucks fallen in this region of the road last week and it may get worse in the next week days as the road remain in such dilapidated state while the rain intensifies. Please thread cautiously! If you have to drive (is this possible?) or board a motorcycle, remember to say your prayers and make conscious efforts to look out for ‘falling’ containers


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